Meet Rev. Charla Hermann PHD, Rev. Tarwater and Grandma Lulu

As Co-founder of Hawkwind, Charla has spent countless years serving the people. Her great curiosity and continual seeking has brought her to the feet of many great teachers and encouraged her to master many modalities of healing body mind and spirit. Charla currently resides in Riverton Wyoming where she leads tours to the Sacred sites of her birth and facilitates the Sacred Heart Transformation Temple

You can find out more about Charla and what she is up to by emailing her at

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From a small town family business to a full blown media career, Charla traveled from Chief Washakie Television in Wyoming to the major boardrooms of radio, network and cable television in Sacramento, San Francisco and CNN Atlanta. This distinguished businesswoman has been sought by illustrious American firms since 1972 that have ranged from High Tech to Philanthropy.

    In a radical change of personal focus in 1987, Charla moved to the mountains of Northern Alabama, and blended her talents as a writer and producer to follow her dream of creating a documentary series of the ancient practices of Indigenous People of the world. Projects have  ranged from the Cousteu Amazon series to practices of the Native Americans and even the Spiritual and ecological effects of war as was recorded during Dessert Storm. Charla has co-authored dozens of books and films, and her work of promoting Holistic Healing events has gained her international recognition. Her articles have been acknowledged world-wide and a new series of her own books will soon be released in print and video.

Co-founder of Hawkwind Earth Renewal Cooperative, Tarwater has lead years of building and lands development. His creation of the Medicine Wheel, dance Grounds and lodges have brought joy to the hearts and souls of thousands. His desire to leave a quality life for the children of the generations to come, has left a powerful gift of life to Planet Earth. Tarwater is a master craftsman, drum maker, a member of the Brotherhood of Magicians, an amazing Ceremonial Elder and Leader of the Night Dance. You can visit Tarwater at our Red Queen Tattoo Facebook page and see his creations as a Ceremonial Tattoo Shaman as well. 

As a Grandmother of Hawkwind, Lulu has been sharing her love of ritual with children and the people for a lifetime. Her dedication to the next generation has been a major nurturing system offered through Hawkwind for over 18 years. As a Ceremonial artist Lulu brings her images to life in tattoos, ceremonial regalia, ritual quilts, Medicine tools and healing herbal salves. Lulu is an amazing herbalists, singer and keeper of the drum. She offers workshops and rituals throughout the year as well as co-facilitating our monthly gathering. Lulu Brings her Spirit to Life in all she offers to those who dance in the Sacred Hoop of All Nations.

Lulu is head of  Ceremony and Ritual Development at Hawkwind. Please contact her with your questions and desires via email at

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“Everything we do in this life must be done with the future of the next Seven Generations in mind. 

Lets keep it real. Lets keep it simple. Kindness and compassion. 

Fierce compassion is the name of the game.”