Hawkwind History

In the summer of 1987, there were many alternative circles developing in the Atlanta area. New Age Information Network, RAMA, and South Eastern Earth Alliance were just a few. Many members of those circles met on the same rented pieces of land, one of them being The Four Winds Village in Tiger, GA. It was in that place we all came together to honor the Harmonic Convergence and pray forward our desires to leave the big city and return to the source of the Earth. A search began for a Sacred land base that resulted in the creation of Hawkwind as well as several other centers that still exist.

Hawkwind was discovered on Earth Day 1988 and dedicated on Memorial Day weekend with 88 friends and families of many circles. Today, there are still a dozen of us from that original group and many, many hundreds who have passed through this gateway to grow, heal and experience the healing practices of Earth’s ancient cultures. From our beginning with nothing more than Charla and her daughters in tents and Tarwater in his traveling Tipi, we celebrated all the wonderful developments on this Sacred land, as a family who has shared this vision together since it’s creation. Almost everything on the land is designed to be earth friendly and managed as a Sacred Alter of healing and safe haven. 

The land itself has a story that started long before we were here. Two Native Chiefs controlled this mountain. Red Headed Wills, who was part Irish and Young Tassel, who left behind a red haired, freckle faced lineage as well. In our first year we brought the families of these ancestors to this land to teach us what had been left here. With the great great grandson of Young Tassel and the family maps, we were able to locate many special places on the land. 

It is our understanding, that the lodge area and the valley surrounding us is filled with more herbs than any place else in the entire U.S. and is topped only by Peru and Vietnam in variety. This land has been honored as a ceremonial grounds since the day we arrived. We have kept the energy as pure as possible with no alcohol and no chemicals on the land. Everything is maintained as a Sacred Alter with many portals of healing.

Programs focus on natural methods of healing and transformation, self reliance and earth skills. A must as we move through these Earth change times. 

What we restore now is the future of the next Seven Generations.