Welcome to Hawkwind 

Set in the foothills of Northern Alabama, Hawkwind is a 90 acre safe haven retreat and teaching center dedicated to personal and planetary healing for the children of this new generation and those yet to come. 

Workshops at Hawkwind focus on the many balancing and cleansing processes involved in the healing of body, mind and spirit. Programs focus on the practices of Indigenous cultures and Earth based Spiritual functions to assist you as we learn to walk in balance in our daily lives. 

Classes on ceremonial protocol, creating ceremonial tools, herbal crafting, breath work and alchemical transformation are offered several times a year.

We hold monthly Purification Lodges, a Spirit Healing Dance on Summer Solstice and invite guest teachers and Elders to visit us each year. Keep checking in to see what we have going on.

The future is now and all that we do must be done with the next generations in mind.

Reservations required for all visits.

No drugs, alcohol, firearms or illegal feathers and animal parts allowed on the land.   

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